Online Payment method

  • Online banking E-transfer
    Berkshire Furniture accepts E-Transfer through Online-Banking. You can send your deposit or balance payements by E-Transfer to our email.
    If you like to get more information on how it works, you can always call or email prior to making a pruchase.
  • Credit Card (Visa-MasterCard-Amex-Discover)
    For online sales you can now pay by credit card. We have SSL certificate installed on our server so your information is safe. You can sign up your Visa for "Varified By Visa" or "Mastercard secured code". Your credit card is also protected by fraud prevention of secure site. Online you can pay by: Visa-MasterCard-American Express & Discover
  • Debit card with Visa or MasterCard
    If you wish to pay by Debit Visa, that is also possible. Just use your debite visa as you do you normally input a Visa card number and follow instructions.
  • Virtual Terminal
    With VIRTUAL TERMINAL you can pay for your order which was not placed online. This Virtual terminal is designed for customer whom placed order by phone or at the store and want to pay for the order. Click on Pay Now button and fill out the payment form.

In Store Payment Method



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