Order Information:


Ordering furniture online is as easy is 1, 2, 3. There are 3 Steps in ordering furniture from Berkshire Furniture website.

  1. Find the item you like and ADD TO YOUR CART, and Continue shopping if you wish.
  2. Once shopping cart is filled and you are all done shopping (shipping destination is chosen) then click on CHECK OUT.
  3. Check out is actually an invoice that you are used to seeing at retail store. Go ahead and fill as many areas as you need. At this point you must know the SHIPPING RATE, if you don’t please call the store or if you are within GTA click on shipping rate to find out. Once areas of invoice looks good to you, please click on SUBMIT. And you are done.

Here is the good part:

Do not worry if you made any mistake during your order. All orders will be reviewed on first priority and customers who placed ordered will be contacted either by email or phone to confirm all details. Even if you accidently purchased an item that you did not mean to do so, it will be corrected on same day or the next business day after we speak to you.

Here is another good part:

Your payment is safe with us. If your payment received more than once or you were too fast with your fingers and click on items you did not wish to have on your shopping list, your money will be refunded the next day after we speak to you.  But don’t get too excited, this refund is only for unintended shopping and only if the item has not been placed on order from our side and only if you decided to have a correction the next day before the item is shipped.

Our Policy:

We try to be as fair and accommodating as possible so that both parties (you and us) will be happy.  We treat every customer with special respect and value. We believe in one proven word of wisdom: “Treat others like you wish to be treated.” That word of wisdom has been the foundation of our business ever since and has brought to us many, many wonderful customers.

We have been so lucky to have thousands of great customers who trust us and are very comfortable doing business with us knowing that they will be taken care of in good times and bad times. And we enjoy working with all our customers.


Here is a quick list of our policies:

1-Any order placed may be cancelled and fully refunded within the next business day without any penalty.

2-Any order placed may be cancelled and refunded less the processing fee of 3%  after 24 hours but within 48 hours, IF THE SHIPMENT HAS NOT BEEN RELEASED.

3-30% to 50% re-stocking fee plus applicable tax will be charged if order is cancelled after 48 hours.

4-No cancellation or refund will be allowed for orders released for shipping either by our store or our suppliers. And no cancellations allowed for custom made & floor samples.