Warranty Information

Our product warranty is that of the manufacturer or supplier warranty. Every manufacturer and supplier on our list of products has warranty policy of their own.


Canadian Products:

Canadian made products are warranted for one year from date of receipt. The warranty is for manufacturer defects only and does not include wear and tear caused by miss use or accident. This means if the item you purchased was built with a defect and defect caused damage to your item, then the warranty will be honored.

Canadian made upholstered products and products rather than wood, have all different time limit warranty. Some Canadian manufacturer warranty frame for sofa and chairs for up to 10 years, while at the same time the warranty for the actual leather or fabric is one year. If you are concerned about the warranty of a product you are purchasing please ask for more information prior to your purchase.

None Canadian Products:

Warranty for imported furniture or none Canadian furniture is whole different story. Every supplier has their own way of covering their products. If a supplier is satisfied that the product came with a defect when originally built, they are very good at standing behind their products and will replace the defected item or replace the damaged part with a new one.

The warranty for imported products is anywhere from 3 month to 1 year. Again suppliers ONLY cover manufacturer defects. Please be informed that damages done by accident or miss use is not manufacturer defects and therefore not covered by warranty.

Examples for COVERED manufacturer defect can be: Wood peeling, table top bubbling, chair legs not fitting, parts missing.

Example of NOT COVERED damages can be: Chipping, breakage, rips on upholstery, discoloration of upholstery, damages due to spilling of liquid or exposure to heat or extreme cold etc.

If you want to know how long the warranty is for the product you are purchasing and what the warranty covers please ask prior to making your purchase.

Manufacturers and suppliers both can ask for proper receipt and photos of damaged items. Please be prepared to supply us photo and receipt.


It is very, very important that at the time when you receive the product(s) be it through our own delivery service or via transport or self-pick up, that you inspect your product for any damages. Also check the condition of the box to see if any visible damages done to the box. If you found any damages, please do not throw out the box and packing. The box will be used to return the item with a return authorization.

What to do if you PICK UP:

If you are picking your furniture either directly from supplier or our store, be sure to open every item and inspect it carefully. If any damages found must be noted on the invoice or bill of lading and that way you are covered by warranty for either part replacement or complete item replacement. If you accept a pick up without inspection and signed RECEIVED, then any damages found later on (except manufacturer defects), will not be covered.

What to do if your product is delivered by OUR TRUCK:

When our driver and truck delivers your products, please inspect your products carefully prior to signing RCEIVED. If you paid for our WHITEGLOVE delivery service, your product is brought to your desired room, unboxed and set up our drivers will give you an invoice to sign. At this time be sure to inspect all your products and then sign. After you sign and drivers have left, only the manufacturer defect warranty will be in effect. No other claim of damages will be accepted at that point. If you chose only a Drop Off delivery service, you can inspect your products at the time of drop off.

What to do if your product is delivered by a contracted transport:

Because we purchase equal value insurance for every shipment that is sent by transport, it is especially in your benefit to inspect your order when it is brought to your Curbside or Door by the contracted transport. We use the most experienced transport with most reasonable price to deliver your furniture. We also extra pack and care for every order sent by carriers and thus minimize the damage issues. But you never know how many places your order has been and how it got to you. That is why we do buy insurance and that is why you need to inspect your item when you receive it. After inspection, if all ok, then sign RECEIVED on carrier bill of lading. But if you found any damages, please take photo of both product and the box, make note on driver’s bill of lading and have him witness the damage and initial the note. Then you are covered and we can put a claim with carrier. The claim for carrier may take as long as 3-5 weeks. In many cases if the claim is approved sooner, we will process the return and exchange. For the buyer there is no cost for replacement or the freight. If you want to learn more about any of above warranty facts please ask prior to making purchases.


No matter of the issue, we want to assure you that we are with you all the way. We will not rest till all options are exercised and exhausted in your benefit. We have for the past many, many years done our best and will do again and again to put you in the winning situation. But if we cannot resolve the issue in your favor that means there is nothing more can be done.