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Handstone Furniture: Waterloo Ontario region is known for Mennonites population and as we all know Mennonites are known craftsmen for generations. They have a pure and simple lifestyle and when it comes to building home furnishings, they put all their mind and hearts to their crafts thus producing the best quality solid wood furnishings to last a life time or more. Handstone is one such family-owned Canadian manufacturer of custom-made, solid wood furniture. They still hand-select the kiln-dried cherry, maple and red oak hardwoods we work with. Handstone continually invest in adding state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to their facilities. And never forget that  the only thing equal to the precision and accuracy of modern manufacturing process is the technique and attention to detail that comes from having a reverence for old world craftsmanship. They practice lean manufacturing methods and each piece is built-to-order. Handstone Furniture is different. It takes a little longer to build. You’ll wait a little longer to get it delivered. But we think you’ll agree...it’s lasting beauty is worth it


Canadian-made from solid wood.  

Rooted by a commitment to quality.

How is the Handstone Process?


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