College Woodwork

    College Woodwork began in the early 1900’s as a woodworking class for students attending Lornedale Academy. For both philosophical and economic reasons, work was viewed as an essential component of education. By 1920, the woodworking class had grown into a business producing small household items—trellises, playpens, potty chairs, ladders and ironing boards.

As of April 3rd, College Woodwork is discontinuing a bunch of items. Please see the list on this link (Click here to see the list) and fill your uncompleted orders while they are available.

Furniture was a natural extension of the product line, and by the early 1960’s, production focused on simple furniture, designed for timeless style and robust quality. At present College Woodwork having been able to survive many ups and downs in the industry, is one of the most usccessful manufacturer's in Canada. The line is expanded well byond the earlier years and upto date furniture syles are being intruduced more often then before.

The College Difference:
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